It’s All About The Music...

...and these are the Musicians
who made it happen:


The Music Hall has been a true labor of love for the dedicated crew of musicians who put in so much of their time and effort to make it a reality. Below is a list of those contributors and their valuable contributions to the cause. Click on an image to learn more about their talents:


The Music Hall was Ray’s idea, and he is the owner and General Manager. Ray has had his hands in just about every aspect of planning and construction, and put in countless hours hanging drywall, installing ductwork, and other assorted tasks helping wherever and whenever he was needed. His biggest job was to collect input from all the team members and act as the final arbitrator to achieve consensus before any plan was put into action. He controls the checkbook, and somehow managed to make it all happen on the slimmest of budgets.

Although he spent years on the road as a touring guitarist and bass player, it’s been a while since Ray has played music professionally. Now he’s polishing up his act to get back in the spotlight at The Music Hall. About time.


is a singer/songwriter with a background as a building contractor. He was responsible for the initial framing, electrical rough-in, concrete work, and some finish carpentry. He also built the stage and most of the entry structure.


is a singer with a background as a commercial painter. He was responsible for painting the exterior and interior of the building, installing carpet, as well as much of the drywall work.


is a guitarist and bass player with a background as a building contractor. He was responsible for all of the floor prep and tile work, and a lot of drywall finishing and finish carpentry in the back of the building.


is a drummer with a background as a sound engineer. He selected and installed all of the sound and lighting equipment, made and hung the acoustic “clouds,” did most of the finish electrical work, and some of the drywall and air duct installation. He helped install the seating and bath partitions.


is a singer/songwriter who donated several days of her time to sand, stain, and varnish the long boards that support the seating.


Melody and Anna are collectively known as STAND ALONE STORY, a Christian musical duo in Upstate SC. They both spent many hours cleaning and mopping, and then helped assemble the seating.

The Music Hall is a performance venue built by musicians for musicians, providing a space to share their music with those who appreciate good music.


Milford isn’t actually a musician (though he is the grandfather of one -- Dakota Mcalister), but he deserves special mention here because he volunteered to do all sorts of hard work to help us get The Music Hall up and running.

He spent days on end assembling seats, running ductwork in the basement, hauling doors, and pitching in wherever he could lend a hand, all while refusing to accept any payment for his efforts. He’s a good man with a huge heart. We can’t thank him enough.